Is TeamLab Planets Worth it? A Guide For First-Timers

Floating Flower Garden at TeamLab Planets
Enjoying the Floating Flower Garden at TeamLab Planets
© Ana Costa

Are you preparing your Japan bucket list and wondering if you should add TeamLab Planets to it? I know, I’ve been there too. With so much to see and experience in Japan in a short amount of time, you need to be sure that you’re not going to be disappointed when visiting certain places.

TeamLab Planets is worth it for adults and children who want to try a one-of-a-kind and interactive art experience. This digital museum is perfect for families and anyone who enjoys a playful approach to art. It is definitely a must-do in any Tokyo itinerary.

As someone who has experienced TeamLab Planets firsthand, I can confidently say that it’s worth every single dollar. Now let me explain you in detail what you can expect and what you need to know to make the experience even more pleasant.

What is TeamLab Planets?

Spheres of light at TeamLab Planets
My son having fun with the spheres of light at TeamLab Planets
© Ana Costa

TeamLab Planets is a temporary digital art museum in Tokyo that will remain open at least to the end of 2027. This immersive museum is mostly known for its artwork on the water, a room where people actually enter into the water and change the artwork by simply walking around.

This place is organized into 3 areas with a total of 11 artworks:

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  • Drawing on the Water surface
  • The Infinite Crystal Universe
  • Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers
  • Waterfall of Light Particles at the Top of an Incline
  • Expanding Three-dimensional Existence in Transforming Space
  • Ephemeral Solidified Light
  • Soft Black Hole
  • Floating Flower Garden
  • Moss Garden of Resonating Microcosms
  • Universe of Fire Particles Falling from the Sky
  • One Stroke Bench

One of the highlights of TeamLab Planets is the Floating Garden exhibit, where you can experience walking on water surrounded by stunning digital projections. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

How Long Do You Need at TeamLab Planets?

TeamLab Planets
TeamLab Planets
© Ana Costa

The amount of time you need at TeamLab Planets can vary depending on your interests and pace, but typically, visitors spend around 1 to 2 hours exploring the exhibits. This allows you to fully experience each room’s unique artwork, and take plenty of photos along the way.

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However, the queues for some exhibits may affect your overall visit duration, especially during peak hours or busy days. Make sure you allow enough time for TeamLab Planets and avoid rushing the experience. Keep in mind that if you’re visiting with children, they will want to stay in the water area for a long time. 🙂

How to Buy Tickets For TeamLab Planets?

Buying tickets for TeamLab Planets is simple and you can use different websites. The price is usually the same everywhere, but sometimes Klook has deals for several activities in Japan. For example, if you’re interested in various activities in Tokyo, you can choose the Klook Pass Greater Tokyo and save money by booking activities with this pass on Klook. When visiting both TeamLab Planets and TeamLab Borderless in Tokyo, instead of paying 8,000 yen, you save around 1,000 yen with the Klook Pass.

Klook is also great because it allows international credit card payments. Many people have issues with card payments on Japanese websites, so Klook is a good alternative for them. If you don’t have issues with payment, you can use the official TeamLab Planets website to buy your tickets, but they don’t offer any deals.

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How to Get to TeamLab Planets?

Like many places in Tokyo, it is quite easy to get to TeamLab Planets using public transportation. There are 2 stations close to the museum: Shin-Toyosu (2 minutes) and Toyosu (15 minutes). Choosing one over another will depend on your departure station and the type of pass you buy.

If you want to walk less and head to Shin-Toyosu, you have to pick the Yurikamome Line that is available between Shimbashi and Shin-Toyosu. Simbashi serves several lines, including the famous JR Yamanote line that goes around central Tokyo. However, this line is not covered by the Tokyo 1-day pass or the Tokyo Subway Ticket.

When using the Tokyo 1-day pass or the Tokyo Subway Ticket, it is better to use the Yurakucho Line and get off at Toyosu. This line is easily accessible from Yurakucho station (which also serves the JR Yamanote line), or the Ikebukuro station.

There are many itineraries available to reach TeamLab Planets, so I recommend using Japan Travel by Navitime to search for the best route according to your needs. Use this video to learn how to use the route finder:

Tips to Make The Most Out of Your Visit

Water area at TeamLab Planets
Water area at TeamLab Planets
© Ana Costa
  • Arrive on Time: Beat the crowds by arriving early in the day or during off-peak hours. This allows you to enjoy the exhibits with fewer people around, enhancing the immersive experience.
  • Dress Comfortably: Some exhibits involve walking through water or on uneven surfaces. Wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting wet to fully enjoy the experience.
  • Avoid Skirts and Dresses: Since there are some mirrored floors, mini skirts and short dresses aren’t recommended. It is better to wear shorts, but if you don’t have any with you, there are shorts available at TeamLab Planets.
  • Bring Spare Clothes: Due to the water exhibitions, you might get wet, so it is better to have spare clothes. If you’re visiting with children, they will get wet even if you ask them to be careful. There’s no need to bring towels because they are provided after the water exhibitions.
  • Use the Lockers Inside: There are lockers available to leave your shoes and belongings. Use them to store your spare clothes.
  • Fully Charge Your Devices: With so many impressive visuals, you’ll want to capture every moment. Ensure your phone or camera is fully charged and ready to go before entering the museum.
  • Explore at Your Own Pace: Take your time to explore each exhibit at your own pace. Don’t rush through the museum unless you have other activities planned.
  • Follow the Rules: Respect the rules and guidelines provided by the museum staff. This includes not touching the exhibits unless instructed to do so and refraining from running or causing disruptions.

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