Mount Fuji View Block Delayed and Japan’s Tourism Dilemma

Mount Fuji at Sunset
Mount Fuji at Sunset
© Ana Costa

There has been a lot of talk lately about building a barrier near Mount Fuji, and people are concerned about how hard it is to balance tourism and local interests.

Now, we all know how iconic Mount Fuji is – it’s like the symbol of Japan’s beauty and heritage. But there’s been a bit of a problem in Fujikawaguchiko, this cute little holiday town near the mountain.

Originally, they wanted to put up a barrier to stop tourists from snapping pictures of Mount Fuji from this spot across from a Lawson convenience store. But now, they’ve had to push back the completion date because of some issues getting the materials they need. While locals have been complaining about traffic jams and tourists causing trouble, the delay means tourists get more time to capture that amazing view.

So, what’s the deal with this spot? Well, it used to be this cool place where you could see Mount Fuji right above the convenience store – like a mix of old and new Japan. Loads of tourists would show up here to snap pics for Instagram and stuff.

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But, you know, as cool as it was for visitors, it wasn’t exactly a hit with the locals. They were fed up with all the trash, the crowds blocking the roads, and the safety risks with people wandering into traffic. That’s why the barrier seemed like a good idea – to sort of protect both locals and tourists.

But now, with the barrier going up, it’s kind of a difficult situation for everyone. The unique view is gone, and both locals and tourists miss out on something special.

Japan’s tourism scene has been booming lately, set to break records from before the whole COVID-19 mess. But with all these tourists flooding in, it’s causing some headaches for the people who live here. From overcrowded streets to crazy-expensive places to stay, the downsides of having too many tourists are starting to show.

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Some people get where the locals are coming from, while others are all about Japan’s famous hospitality. But with resources stretched thin and infrastructure struggling to keep up, even the best hospitality has its limits.

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So, what’s the solution? Well, people all over Japan are trying to figure it out. From limiting tourist access in Kyoto’s geisha district to keeping some restaurants in Hiroshima just for locals, everyone’s trying to find a balance.

Japan has become a hot spot for tourists real quick, and dealing with all the issues that come with it is no easy task.

As Japan deals with the downsides of too much tourism, it’s going to take more than quick fixes to sort things out. Japan needs sustainable tourism, fair tax policies, and maybe even a rethink of how duty-free shopping works to make sure its treasures stay special while still looking out for the locals.

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